When Adriene sat down at the review table at Medium Photography Festival to show us her work, her passion was infectious. She was moved by this landscape, and she moved us. Her approach is thoughtful and feminine. Dive in.


The Resonance of Loss BY Adriene Hughes

Drawing parallels between the mutually quiet and contemplative landscape space, The Resonance of Loss is a project about the visual linguistics of a disappearing Greenland mediated through the physicality of icebergs and their abstract form. In this series, I use hand-sewn geometrical patterns and gestural quilting techniques in muted colored thread, coupled with computerized 2-D design elements as the physical representation of the spiritual experience in nature. The labor of hand-sewing these images acted as a meditative experience, slowly developing each iceberg as a series of phrasing and textures through the universal expression of geometry.  This project began as a personal exploration into one of the largest and longest fjord system in the world. What developed from that exploration was a greater understanding of the melting arctic and the Inuit Culture, their language and their relationship to their environment. Geometrical patterns define their sense of place and how they interact with each other. The Resonance of Loss can be interpreted as a metaphor for song and language, an internalized space of communication and contemplation.