Elevazioni/Elevations is proposed by Francesco Amorosino

How did you come up with the idea for your project?

In Rome, many people live in condominiums and the elevator is sometimes the only place where neighbors can interact. In the entrance of my place there is a board where people can stick notes and invitations to events. Since the past months, someone transformed the little table in the hall where advertising materials are left in a book crossing spot. This led to the idea of providing people who take the elevator an occasion to encounter art in a non conventional place and an excuse to talk with neighbors about something different and happy.

What is the most engaging art event/collecting event you’ve been to?

I’m not new on organizing engaging art events: I’ve curated for three years Photox1000, a collective photo exhibition of one thousand pictures coming from more than 500 photographers from all over the world. The visitors could adopt one picture and write to the photographer to tell him or her their thoughts. I’ve also been the coordinator for Rome of the IParkArt project, where we used to place art installations in regular parking slots after paying the ticket.  

How do you think artists should play a role in educating the public or their audience about their art or art in general?

For me teaching to adults and children is essential. I teach in some schools in Rome and I always emphasize in photography the technical aspect is just the start and it’s not the most important thing. I invite people to consider their art as a “medicine for the mind” or a tool to find inner balance and to sublimate their pain. If you manage to do so, other people will see it and get interested in art. Unfortunately, in Italy art is taught mainly with a focus on history and not as a platform for conceptual analysis. Working with communities on engagement projects is crucial in getting art closer to the public. That’s also why I really appreciate good street art.

Why do you think many people find art intimidating, and how can we lower the perceptual barriers to entry for collecting art (and specifically photography)?

For many people art is just about the authors they studied at school, such as Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci or Van Gogh and Picasso. What we have to make people understand is that art is now, it is everywhere, and everyone can do art. Whether it is "good art" or "bad art" it is something to discuss.  People say they don’t understand art, but art is not about understanding: it’s about emotions. People start collecting when they see that art is making their soul feel better. 

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