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3 Ways Email Newsletters Help Photographers Tell A Story

We have many photographers using Mad Mimi for email marketing, and we've seen many of their newsletters over the years. Nearly all of them have a good eye for design, with strong visuals and creative use of color. However, if there's one aspect of email marketing that photographers often neglect... it's the story.

Here are three ways that you can use your email newsletters to tell a compelling story that compliments your striking images.

Portion of a Mad Mimi newsletter with gorgeous images and clean design, as well as some solid storyline
Portion of a Mad Mimi newsletter with gorgeous images and clean design, as well as some solid storyline

1. Develop The Characters

Email newsletters are an opportunity to share the story behind the subject of your photograph, whether you describe the characters captured or how you came to take that photograph. Why it appeals to you is appealing to others and the newsletter is a place to tell that story.

2. Technique Is Fascinating

Newsletters are a great place for photographers to totally geek out. Fellow photographers, enthusiastic amateurs and non photogs alike are interested in the techical apects of a shoot like the gear, filters and lighting you used. Diving into technical concepts is fascinating for readers.

Another element of technique is the physicality of any shoot. Tell the tale about how you balanced on the edge of a rooftop to capture the moment perfectly or the all night ride to that gritty location. It's thrilling to us non-photographers.

3. Share your Mantra. State your creed!

Whether you're a commercial artist or one solely dedicated to personal expression, you have a creed. You have a voice of your own that matters to readers. It's interlaced with your imagery and you can weave it into the story you tell in newsletters. For readers, clients and even subjects, gaining a deeper understanding of your artistic goals is something that can elevate the experience.

So while you're sharing visual poetry with clients, art lovers and anyone else, remember that the story behind the images is worth sharing too.

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