Adam's the tall fellow I'm talking to across the fire hydrant
Adam's the tall fellow I'm talking to across the fire hydrant

First, a note - Nearly a year ago I reached out through social media, asking if anyone out there was interested in being an unpaid, potentially long-distance, research intern for the Crusade which would involve a long list of random, undefined tasks. Despite that sexy job description, Adam Neese arrived in my inbox like an angel from Texas.  Adam is sharp, engaged and has been known to send incredibly positive and supportive texts at just the right times.

We finally met in person this December at PhotoNOLA (turns out, he's quite tall - Skype didn't prepare me), and we cooked up this idea where Adam would write a regular column for the Crusade blog.  And so. . .

Greetings art lovers,

My name is Adam Neese. I joined the Crusade for Collecting team last year for three main reasons -

A) I love crazy ideas, especially when the idea involves travel. One time, my best friend and I hitchhiked from Chicago, IL to Denali National Park, AK (see video here and map here).

B) I love the DIY ethic.  I used to play with an 11 piece punk marching band called Mount Righteous. We recorded and released all our records, printed all of our own t-shirts, and booked all of our own shows.

C) I love art. I make photographs, and will graduate with my MFA in May.

Promoting collectors and artists- with a dash of punk rock and a pinch of adventure, a 1977 VW bus named Lady Blue, and you can count me in. I’ll be bringing you a look at a variety of content, from food trucks to scientific studies on experiencing art.  Also, the tour schedule is up, so be on the lookout for Lady Blue as she comes to a city near you.