Last Spring I drove a VW bus around the country in the name of promoting photographers and collecting.  Interacting with people in different communities encouraged me to think about the importance of creating a platform that would help many photographers create, fund, and implement their own ideas to engage audiences with their work.

I am thrilled to bring you Crusade for Art, which will not only talk about ideas, but also make them happen. By inspiring, mentoring, teaching, and funding, Crusade for Art will empower artists to focus on connecting people to their work and thereby encourage systemic changes to create a new crop of art lovers, patrons, and collectors.

I believe in making a difference, and I believe the best way to continue to do so is by funneling the programming and passion for creating demand for photography through Crusade for Art. Crusade for Art’s mission is to build artists’ capacity to create demand for their work. We do this in two ways: by educating and mentoring artists to higher levels of creative and professional development; and by incubating, through programs and advocacy, innovative solutions that connect artists with their audiences.

The ideas, successes, and experiences of Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, The Ten, and the Crusade for Collecting Tour have informed the mission and direction of Crusade for Art. The remainder of this year will be spent transitioning from a commercial model to one that better allows us to fully focus on creating demand for art on a larger scale through Crusade for Art.  Some of the most important aspects of JSG – promoting and developing the careers of photographers and cultivating collectors – remain at the heart of this new and vibrant non-profit entity, which will have a larger impact on the photographic community as a whole.

Stay tuned for the announcement of several programs that will give amazing opportunities to photographers and inspire all of us to connect people with our art.  Thank you for your continued enthusiasm, encouragement, and support.

Together we can set the world on fire.