Kate Koti: Bubblegum.

Katie Koti: Bubblegum.

Jennifer Schwartz is no stranger to out-of-gallery galleries. She took to the road in a van filled with photographs in her ten-city Crusade for Art. Now the Atlantan has launched an online exhibit, replete with curator’s notes and artist statements.

The first edition of FOCAL POINT showcases the work of Katie KotiDorothy O’Connor, and Brandon Thibodeaux. O’Connor’s surreal tableaux and tableaux vivants are known around Atlanta, her home base; its a pleasure to see them again here. Koti has focused on a family with the disturbing intimacy of Sally Mann and Tierney Gearon. Thibadoux’s portraits dig deep into the soul of the Mississippi Delta.

Brandon Thibadoux: When Morning Comes.

Brandon Thibadoux: When Morning Comes.

In February, Crusade For Art will solicit applications for a $10,000 grant that will be awarded to an individual photographer or group with the most innovative plan for increasing  audience and collector base, and it will soon launch a version of the CSA (community-supported art collecting), similar to the established by WonderRoot, which sells prints by local artists. In Crusade’s version, 50 collectors will pay $350 and receive six photographs over the course of a year.

Dorothy O'Connor: Tornado.

Dorothy O’Connor: Tornado.