Let’s give another round of applause for innovation and making art accessible. I love having my socks knocked off my new ideas. As highlighted in this New York Times article, Artsicle rents affordable art to subscribers for a monthly fee. People can try out a piece, exchange it for another, or buy it if they fall in love.

I recently brought up a similar idea to implement locally through Atlanta galleries. My idea (which I hope happens) is to offer a selection of pieces to a local young collectors’ club, and members could try out a piece in their home for a set period of time. If they liked it they could buy it, or they could trade it for something new.

This concept allows people to live with art for a while. I often say that people who are new to buying art are not likely to make an impulse art purchase. They are not confident enough in their taste and are not sure what they like. Giving someone an opportunity to try a piece out lets them experience all of the awesomeness that art can bring to their home and their life, and determine if the piece they loved two months ago still has that pull for them.

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