Why does this matter? Why should you take the time, energy and money to invest in art? Because it is amazing. There is nothing I can tell you to make you believe it. And some people never will. But so many of you will read this and your curiosity will be peaked. You will venture out and explore and find that first photograph that floors you. You will be hooked, and you will never look back.

Art is beautiful. It makes us feel good, and it adds immeasurable value to our lives. It can add depth to our every day experiences and make a walk through our own living rooms feel powerful. Art can take us out of our routine and transport us to a place with a unique depth of feeling.

Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration. Transform your walls into an expression of who you are and who you want to be. Support artists and connect to images in a significant way.

Be original, buy original.

Heart art.