Culturally, we are in our prime. We have sophisticated tastes and crave unique experiences. We are on-trend, we are curious, we are seekers. And yet, we don’t buy art. We don’t patronize galleries and museums, and we don’t support artists. Abstractly, we think art is interesting and to be valued, but we are not collectors.

I am on a crusade for collecting. For cultivating a new crop of art collectors. For making collecting cool.

Because it is cool. Falling in love with an original piece of art and buying it. That is collecting. It doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars or even make a huge dent in your paycheck. It’s about the connection. It’s about looking at something and having an emotional response. Feeling something. And then purchasing that piece and hanging it on your wall and living with it. Your home becomes personal. Your walls start to describe you, and everywhere you look you see something you love.

That is collecting. And that is beyond cool.