Chicago, you were a tough one.  To be fair, we popped up on a busy downtown street corner on a chilly, windy Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend.  And I expected this to be a more challenging location, because of these circumstances.  Several people suggested popping up in more art-friendly spots, but that's not the real point, after all.  We are trying to give people an arts experience who were not already seeking one out.  So we just had to zip up our Crusade hoodies and be extra charming.

The events we've had on weekends felt more relaxed - people seem more willing to stop and check out a curiosity on a Saturday.  These business people not only did not stop, they did not even respond.  Occasionally we got a curt hand or head shake, indicating "no thank you,  not a chance", but mostly people just ignored our "Would you like a free photograph from one of these local Chicago artists?".

But that just made the moments we did connect that much sweeter (though not warmer). The five local photographers were really earnest and excited about reaching out to the people in their city, and there were some really amazing moments.  And amazing photography.