In our Crusade Supported Art program, we commission six photographers to make an image in an edition of 50, and we sell 50 shares. Shareholders receive an original, signed and numbered photograph from each of the six commissioned photographers. We have had two CSA cycles so far, and they have been a huge success. Photographer Amy Friend's image (below) was one of the first two sent to shareholders in our second round. We asked her a few questions to let you get to know her a bit better.

I Was There With Her, 2014  by Amy Friend

I Was There With Her, 2014 by Amy Friend


Had you heard of an art CSA before? What were your impressions of the idea?

I heard bits and pieces about CSA online and thought it was an interesting way to make artist’s work collectible and accessible. I think by reaching out to people it sparks an interest they already have but are unsure how or where to begin. The process of the CSA takes that into consideration and makes it exciting and affordable and do-able. 


What about the program made you interested in being one of the participating artists?

The process was interesting for me in that the collectors would put faith in the work to be or selected made based on the artists involved. I like that sense of anticipation to see what will come forward in the imagery. 


How has your experience been so far, and what else do you hope will come as a result of participating?

Excellent experience. The process was super, I loved thinking about what to make for the collection. I also appreciated the zeal in getting the word out to as many people as possible. AND I love that all this work will have a home! 

Some collectors have contacted me personally to discuss the work further or inquire about other pieces. This is exactly what I had hoped would happen. It is so special to have contact with a “real” person that appreciates what you are doing. So often we are hunkered in our studios or elsewhere -  working away with little input. 


Please tell us about the piece you created and how it fits within your larger body of work?

The work I made for the CSA is a continuation of my Dare alla Luce series. I have been working on it for a couple of years and it keeps calling me back. There is something about these images I come across that I cannot resist. 

In much of my work I am interested in what a photograph cannot tell us. The title of this piece, "I was there with her”, comments on the photographer, in my mind at least. We do not know much, if anything about her or the photographer. They are in many senses a mystery. Quite often the photographs present unknown people and circumstances to the viewer, but they also present, the photographer, so to speak. I am intrigued by this absent presence, particularly in this image. 

To see more of Amy's work, please visit her website.