In our Crusade Supported Art program, we commission six photographers to make an image in an edition of 50, and we sell 50 shares. Shareholders receive an original, signed and numbered photograph from each of the six commissioned photographers. We have had two CSA cycles so far, and they have been a huge success. Photographer Thomas Jackson's image (below) was part of the first round CSA. We asked him a few questions to let you get to know him a bit better.

Tape no. 1  by Thomas Jackson

Tape no. 1 by Thomas Jackson

Had you heard of an art CSA before? What were your impressions of the idea?

I had barely heard of a conventional CSA before, city boy that I am. I immediately liked the idea, however, as it struck me as a fresh, unconventional way of presenting work to new collectors.

What about the program made you interested in being one of the participating artists?

I had been familiar with Crusade for Art pre-CSA, so when I heard from Jennifer, I was interested right away. At first I wasn’t sure about offering my work in an edition as large as 50 and at such a small dimension. Generally I do things the other way around: small editions, big prints. But I’d had the idea in the back of my mind of offering some work in a more accessible way for some time, and Jennifer’s invitation turned out to be the perfect opportunity to follow through with that. And when I saw who the other participating artists were, the decision got even easier. I’d been admiring the work of a few of them for some time, and was thrilled by the opportunity to engage in this unusual collaboration with them.

How has your experience been so far, and what else do you hope will come as a result of participating?

It would have been more of an experience if all the shares hadn’t sold out so instantaneously! It’s certainly nice to have 50 new collectors to add to the old spam list though. I look forward to keeping in touch with them in the years to come. 

Please tell us about the piece you created and how it fits within your larger body of work?

Tape no. 1 marked a continuation of my still ongoing Emergent Behavior series, and the first image I made here in California after moving from Brooklyn in late 2013. Shot in a park right in San Francisco, the installation is made from multicolored duct tape and a mile or two of monofilament. It took about 6 hours to construct and was shot just before dark. Like the the other pieces in the series, this one is an experiment in juxtaposition, and a playful attempt to impose swarming behaviors found in nature upon man-made materials.

To see more of Thomas' work, please visit his website.