In June we launched an art CSA, which sold out in just two days. Six photographers were commissioned to make an image in an edition of 50, and we sold 50 shares for $350 each. Shareholders receive an original, signed and numbered photograph from each of the six commissioned photographers. A few weeks ago we shipped the first two photographs to shareholders.

Ready to Roll  by Shane Lavalette

Ready to Roll by Shane Lavalette

The photograph above, Ready to Roll by Shane Lavalette, was in the first shipment. We asked Shane to give his thoughts about being involved with the CSA and to explain his piece in the interview below.

1. Had you heard of an art CSA before? What were your impressions of the idea?

Though I've seen similar subscription services for art, I think it's the first time I've seen something branded as an art "CSA." It's a smart idea, community supported art. I've supported farms that way, and it's fun to get a selection of new veggies with each delivery. I think that same sort of sense of wonder and surprise is inherent in this project too. 


2. What about the program made you interested in being one of the participating artists?

I like the idea of affordable and unique print editions. When I was asked to participate, I instantly thought of doing a limited-edition poster—a beautiful printed object that could be framed and treated like a gallery print but might also inspire someone to treat more informally, and pin up on the wall. 


3. How has your experience been so far, and what else do you hope will come as a result of participating?

It was fun to create the edition specifically for the CSA, so I really hope that folks enjoy it. I think it's a great way to start collecting, so I hope to connect with many of the 'shareholders' who purchased the edition and perhaps keep in touch about other work and prints. I enjoy selling work, but more importantly I like to know someone truly enjoys a piece. That's all I can hope for.


4. Please tell us about the piece you created and how it fits within your larger body of work?

The image comes from the project I have been working on for the last few years, that began as a commission for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in 2010. The work is about the relationship between music and the landscape of the American South, seen broadly. That photo was made at a car lot, and reminds me of the feeling of being on the road. If you look very closely, one of the balloons reads "Ready to Roll."