Mark my words - these photographers are going to set the world on fire.

A year and a half ago, David Bram and I had an idea.  What if we invited a few photographers we felt had a lot of potential to a five day, four night retreat and worked with them to take their work to the next level?  We would all stay together in the same house, and everyone would bring their photographic project.  By the end, they would each have a solid edit, sequence, artist statement, a 12-month plan, and the knowledge to make it happen.  They would also have the two of us, as well as the rest of the group, as a resource going forward.  It was a big idea, but then again, I love those.

So we created Flash Powder Projects, and we haven't looked back.  Seven retreats in three different locations and 33 photographers later, we are constantly hearing from our retreaters with amazing news and successes. This is one of the best and more rewarding things I do, and the relationships I've made with these photographers have added so much to my life.  And luckily, they all seem to feel the same way about the value of this experience.

A week ago we finished our seventh retreat, this one in New Mexico. Even after all this time, David and I still get nervous about the group. We are really selective about the photographers we invite, because so much of the experience hinges on collaboration and each person bringing a unique and informed perspective.  The photographers need to be at similar levels and have a similar drive to move forward in their photographic careers.  And then the personalities need to mesh, which is the truly stressful part, because that is impossible to predict.  Luckily we have nailed it each time, and the bonding that happens is insane.

This group was no exception. The retreat was at a ranch in southern New Mexico, 90 miles from the nearest grocery store.  These four!  When the photos come out and we dig deep, the barriers just naturally come down.  We all left not only inspired, but closer than I thought was possible.

But enough of the sappy stuff, and let's get down to their incredible work:

Dustin Chambers

Steven Ford

Maggie Meiners

Lexey Swall