I often talk about Flash Powder - the project David Bram and I started just over two years ago - because although it is not part of Crusade for Art, it is all about taking photographers to the next level with their work. Flash Powder hosts invite-only retreats for groups of four photographers to help them get a project ready to launch and to develop a 12-month plan.

Last month we held our 11th retreat, followed by a small reunion for all of the flashers (as we call retreat participants). The four participating photographers had very diverse backgrounds and aesthetics, which is something we aim for to get different perspectives and make the collaboration more powerful. David and I are continually blown away by the talent, dedication and energy of the photographers we work with, and this group was no exception. This group. Wow.

Justin Cook

Rod Fincannon

Honey Lazar

Audra Melton

Honey Lazar, Audra Melton, Rod Fincanon, Justin Cook

Honey Lazar, Audra Melton, Rod Fincanon, Justin Cook