FOCAL POINT surveys the landscape of emerging photographers and selects three talented, driven, and noteworthy artists to highlight each quarter.  Each FOCAL POINT photographer receives mentoring from Crusade for Art to think about their work, their target audience, and how to best engage them.  In this interview series, every FOCAL POINT photographer gets asked the same three questions, and their answers become a jumping off point for the mentorship.

Describe the arc of your photography career so far.


I have been involved in art and music since I was a teenager, but I didn't pursue photography seriously until I was about 27 years old. At the time I had been running an eco friendly house cleaning business for about 7 years. I had expanded the business, hired some employees, and made a life-long dream decision to go to school full time to immerse myself in art. I enrolled full time at GCC (Greenfield Community College). They offer two year Associates Degree programs. Their faculty and staff are amazing. Tom Young was my mentor and quickly became my first photo "hero". I never thought it would go beyond those two years, but things quickly caught fire and GCC lead to a scholarship to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) where I completed my BFA. Then RISD lead to a scholarship to Yale School of Art where I completed my MFA.

If you were exactly where you wanted to be in your fine art photography career, what would that look like?

I am a non-traditional person by every definition of the word. I love making photographs and believe deeply in the bodies of work I have built. I currently reside in Western Massachusetts. In a perfect world, I would be represented by a forward-thinking gallery in NYC who not only believes in my work passionately, but is equally excited to have an artist on board who hasn't conformed to the traditional mold of residing in NYC.

What are your goals for 2014?

My photography related goals for 2014 are to find said gallery as mentioned above. I would like to return to shooting large format again. There are several new projects I have been dabbling with that I would like to start pursing seriously in the coming months.  I'm excited to see how everything unfolds!