Oh Los Angeles, you are delightful.  True, the traffic was intense, especially driving the Lady, but I forgive you. Paradise must have some sort of flaw.

Last night I was fortunate enough to give a presentation at Venice Arts, a beautiful space right on Lincoln Boulevard.  The presentation talks about the Crusade for Collecting project, but it is more broadly about building audiences for art - how to do it, the challenges, and the importance.  It is really exciting to have an opportunity to talk about something I feel so passionately about and to answer questions.

What was less exciting was how Lady Blue decided not to go into first gear on the drive over.  Come on girl - get yourself together!  So the VW repair shop in pushing distance of where we're staying. . . well, the mechanic (Lady's 4th! - she's the Liz Taylor of vehicles) is lovely.

I'm waiting on her to get a good work-up now, and then we're off to San Francisco - one of my favorite places in the world.  See you there. . .