One of the things that absolutely makes me crazy is when photographers do not regularly check in with their collectors and advocates.  These people like your work and support you.  Make them feel special and appreciated.  It does not take more than a postcard or personal email twice a year to build a relationship that will pay dividends your entire career.

Holiday greetings from Heather Evans Smith
Holiday greetings from Heather Evans Smith

I first wrote about it in this post, but goodness knows if you have ever heard me lecture, attended a workshop, or just sat with me for more than ten minutes, you've heard this speech before.  So it came as no surprise to get this bit of awesomeness in the mail today from Heather Evans Smith.

To be fair, Heather has heard my rantings many times over, but it sunk in!  The top is a hand-written note wishing me happy holidays, and the bottom is an envelope stamped with her logo (seen here) on one side, and then when you open it up, it says Happy Holidays and includes two small prints (brand new images).  #nailed it

The holidays are a great time to reach out to your collectors and all of the other people who have been advocates for your work (whether they own a piece or not).  And by "collectors", I mean each and every person who owns a piece of your work.  Say hello.  Tell them you appreciate their support.