Yesterday I went to the chiropractor to get my own tune up before my big journey with Lady Blue.  He told me to quit the rodeo, my back was so jacked up.  This has been way more intense than a rodeo, with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way, but I am so happy I didn’t quit – the adventure is just about to begin. I’m on a flight to Los Angeles with my three kids and Max, my film sidekick, and the one responsible for creating the first few webisodes on our YouTube channel.  My husband is on a different flight, luxuriating in solitude for the last time for quite a while.  It’s spring break, and I’m lucky to have my family along for the California portion of the trip (even though Sabine is getting quite a few looks while she yells “backpack” along with Dora on the ipad, not realizing how loud she is with headphones on).

Lady Blue has been sunning herself in Santa Monica for a week now.  Because she is a bit fussy (as evidenced here – this video not made by the talented Max, just by the very amateur me), and because my husband’s blood pressure was steadily rising the closer we got to the tour (and justifiably so), we decided to ship her to LA and meet up with her there.

So wish us luck, and thank you , thank you for all of the kind words and enthusiastic encouragement that got us here.  Crusade away!!

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