On October 27, we posted Justin Cook's first-person account of a case of image misuse by the University of North Carolina. The back and forth between Justin and UNC has been ongoing, and the correspondence he shared was nothing short of shocking. A post that was positioned as a cautionary tale to photographers went viral and put pressure on UNC to step up and right this wrong.

Today, Justin announced this update:

Yesterday The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I came to a resolution. They agreed to pay my fee for their use of my image, and I agreed to drop my copyright claim on the condition that the Department of Psychology collaborates with me, the UNC School of Law, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, the Media Law Center and others to hold an interdisciplinary public forum about the importance of creative rights.
This resolution is a win for everyone that is more meaningful than what any lawsuit could have afforded us, and it’s consistent with UNC's core values. A community of impassioned friends and strangers united and pushed us to this huge victory that will further build community and foster conversation. That’s The Carolina Way!
Thank you to everyone who has assisted in this matter.

Justin Cook
UNC Class of 2006

Congrats to Justin and everyone who played a part changing this outcome. This is a victory for all photographers.