and you'll see my bus sitting on the side of it. . . Today I picked up the bus. After the Test Drive of Terror, I was more than a little apprehensive to drive Lady Blue from the mechanic's place to the gallery. My husband brought me up there, but he had to follow me back in his car, and so the Lady and I were left alone to find our way with each other.

We started off tense and unsure, but pretty soon I realized she was a lover, not a fighter. We went through many stoplights together with nary a stall.

And then, we hit a snag. I was confidently accelerating on the highway, but Lady Blue was decelerating. Where did we go wrong? The closer I pushed the pedal to the floor, the slower she went. And then I pulled over, and we were done. Engine wouldn't turn over. A slap in the face.

I called the mechanic, and apparently when the gas gauge says half full, what it really means is empty. Luckily, a hero was on the way.

The Lady started right up, and I got off at the next exit to get to a gas station. The mechanic (let's call him Richard) followed me, which turned out to be a very good thing.

Yes, that's gas on the ground. Easy in, easy out. Apparentlly my "H.E.R.O." tore some rubber seal between the gas pipe and the side of the bus when he put the gas in. But Richard worked it out, and I was soon back on the road, alone with my Lady.

We arrived safely at the gallery, and I feel we are in a good place now. We've had some long talks, and I think we are going to be fine tomorrow at the Bus Bash. We are excited to move forward and forge a beautiful relationship together.

Driving the Lady home