Now that's an opportunity! When I was in Seattle, I had a chance to hang with the folks at Photo Center NW and hear about this really amazing program.  Check it out:

Long Shot is a 24-hour photo marathon around the globe in support of the Photo Center NW. We invite people anywhere in the world to to hit the streets with their cameras on June 21st, the longest day of the year, and photograph what they like. The result is a celebration and exhibition on July 27th that represents one day in the world through photography (and our community). The event is open to anyone, anywhere, with any camera (iPhones too!). Last year we saw 700 participants and raised $33,000 through the event! 

Long Shot is now in it's fifth year, and we have grown participation from 100 people to over 700 hundred in just four years.  This year our goal is 1,000 participants.  Last year we had people participate in more than 14 countries and 29 different states. Long Shot celebrates community more than anything and the most unique part of this event is that anyone, with any camera, and any where in the entire world and participate in Long Shot.  Because of this, the event attracts amateurs, professionals, and photography lovers alike.  This year we are encouraging people to upload their photos and share their adventures through a form on our website, as Long Shot is happening, to enhance that connectivity piece. 

It takes literally one minute to sign up for Long Shot, and here is what it can do for photographers that participate:

  • Sparks Creativity

Long Shot motivates, and it automatically gets that camera off the shelf and into your hands for a day (or just a few hours) of creativity.

  • Provides Community

By signing up for Long Shot you're joining a vibrant community of thousands of photographers, students, and advocates.

  • Exhibits Your Work

By signing up for Long Shot you're guaranteed at least one image in the Long Shot exhibition in the Photo Center gallery on July 27th (if you choose to take part in the exhibition)

So pick up your camera on June 21 photographers!  More information and how to sign up here: