Since the photographers featured in the Local Photographer Showcases in each city are supremely talented and excited about reaching new audiences with their work, we will be regularly featuring them to give you more insight into their work and their experience Crusading. First up is Bootsy Holler from the LA Crusade pop-up:

Tell us a little about your background as a photographer and where you are now with your work.

As a photographer I have always photographed people and objects and call myself a portrait photographer if I had to label myself.  I started as small business that incorporated photography into my products when I was 25 then dropped that and strictly freelanced doing entertainment, events, bands and portraits by the time I was 30, then moved into more editorial and advertising at 36 and now have come full circle back to focusing on photography as art.

How did you hear about the Crusade, and what were your initial impressions?

Not sure really how I heard about it, I would say from other photographers possibly David Bram and also FB.  I was interested in it because I do think collecting is not something all people know how to do.  And getting the energy on the street and even having some energy is great.  I can't say I feel energy inside a gallery space.  Galleries can be uninviting, and this experience was fun and inviting.

Were you excited to participate in the Local Photographer Showcase?  Why or why not?

Yes I was excited to participate and excited you even got my name to call and ask if I wanted to be involved.

How did the event go for you?  Was it like you expected or different?  Better or worse?  

I really had no expectations.  I thought it went well, and it helped to have so many people out talking and working for everyone.  Just because you spoke to someone and explained what was going on didn't mean they chose your work.  I felt some were better at grabbing people and some of us not as good but all together we made a great team.  Maybe it was a little disorganized in the beginning but then the beginnings usually are and this is a new experience for all.

What do you hope will come out of the experience for you - personally and professionally?  Do you think those are realistic expectations?

For me personally it was nice to get out and meet people and be part of the community and photo community. Professionally just to meet you and hope to have a good experience with you so you know I'm a good person to work with and am open to new and different ideas.  Yes these are realistic expectations.

Tell us about the image you gave away at the event and how to see more of your work.

The work I gave away at the event was an image with I shot in West Africa of a mule standing in front of a small building in the desert.  I was crossing the boarder from Senegal going into Mauritania.  I was in a bus with a band I was shooting a small doc and music video for.  I saw this shot and slowly dropped the window in the bus and put my Rollei-Flex lens through the curtain to shoot.  Everyone was freaking out as they were afraid they might see me shooting.  Because when you stop at the boarder you are paying the police for their "Tea" as they say but really bribing them to let your pass through and everyone was worried they might not let us pass or harrass us for a long time if I got caught.  But it was such a beautiful image I had to take it.

More work is on my site