If you were one of the lucky fifty who snagged a share of the first Crusade Supported Art (CSA) round, start checking your mailbox. The second shipment of prints are heading your way! And if you didn't pull the trigger quickly enough (the shares sold out in two days), here's a peek at what postal workers around the country are delivering.

What is this CSA you may be asking? This should explain it:

Back to the art! This Kerry Mansfield photograph was one of the two just sent to shareholders.

from Kerry Mansfield's "Expired" series

from Kerry Mansfield's "Expired" series

I have been asked a lot about how the photographers are selected for the CSA. Fortunately, I see a lot of photography! Between portfolio reviews, online resources and photography festivals, I am able to keep a running list of photographers to watch and hopefully work with. (Have I told you I love my job?) 

Kerry Mansfield is a photographer I originally saw on Fraction Magazine and then met at a small portfolio review in San Francisco. As a result, I began representing her at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery. Since closing the gallery at the end of 2013, I still keep close watch on my people, and Kerry is a superstar. I mean, just look at this insert she included with her CSA photograph:

I first met Jennifer Greenburg in Lishui, China in 2011. I was one of the curators for a photography festival there, and Jennifer was an artist one of the other curators put in the show. But it wasn't until last year at Filter Photo Festival in Chicago that I got a deeper look at her work. She gave a fantastic artist talk at Schneider Gallery, who was doing a big exhibit of her Revising History project (the same project this CSA photograph is part of). The work is clever and fun and technically exceptional. From her project description, "Revising History is a series of manufactured images that I have created by replacing the individuals in vintage found-negatives with images of myself". I have loved working with her (she's the blond below).

Of course we all wanted to look like Peggy Castle at the Wagon West Party, 2014  by Jennifer Greenburg

Of course we all wanted to look like Peggy Castle at the Wagon West Party, 2014 by Jennifer Greenburg

If you missed the first two photographs, check them out here. And if you want to get in on the action for the next CSA round, keep your eyes (and inbox) peeled next month. Not on our email list? Shame. Run and do that here.