Crusade for Art - Bringing Art to the People May 13, 2013

I used to have this pin in college that read: 'Doing strange things in the name of art, ' so I'm not sure then how to categorize Jennifer Schwartz's Crusade for Art.  What makes a gallerist from Atlanta buy a 1977 VW bus (dubbed Lady Blue) and then drive it around the country talking to people about the joys of collecting art, specifically photography?  I met Jennifer at her recent stop in Seattle where she gave a lecture to those of us who wanted to know at the Photo Center NW.  It turns out she's someone who loves art and wants to educate people that you don't have to be a bazillionaire to be a collector. In the process she's hoping to cultivate the next generation of art lovers, collectors and patrons, as well as give a few emerging photographers the opportunity to get their work shown. (read more here)