Crusade for Collecting Tour Fosters Arts Conversation by E. Brady Robinson September 20, 2013

Crusade for Collecting began in April 2013 and formed a national tour of 10 cities over a three-month period. The national tour ended June 5 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The vision of the Crusade, according to founder and curator Jennifer Schwartz, is “to create opportunities to begin a conversation about the value of art. But art should not be talked about, it should be experienced.” And, so the tour began “bringing art to the people and people to the art” at the core, the mission of Crusade for Collecting. Last summer, Schwartz traveled throughout the United States in a 1977 Volkswagen bus affectionately named “Lady Blue”. In each city, she featured five local photographers, each of whom gave away 10 prints to the public and had the opportunity to have a conversation about their work. In each city, new “collectors” were cultivated and more than 500 photographs total were placed in new collections in pop-up exhibits hosted out of Lady Blue. (read more here)