Saturday was another beautiful day in California for creating art collectors.  The Lady held her own on the hilly drive to PhotoboothSF, an awesome tintype studio and store stocked with instant cameras, plastic cameras, film, and cool little photo things you didn’t know you needed.  We parked in front and it was go-time. Right away it was a completely different vibe than the LA event.  Every person that walked by in Venice that day stopped to see what was going on – it was a constant buzz of bubbly excitement.  The San Francisco event was busy, but more laid back, and most people tried to zoom past us on the sidewalk, head down, earbuds in.  We had to be a lot more clever and engaging to convince people we were doing something fun, and that stopping would be a good disruption to their day.

But once convinced to take a look, people were really into the art and thrilled to get to select a photograph.  It was interesting to see the process – some people spoke to a photographer, loved the image, and walked away a happy collector.  Others spent a lot of time speaking with every artist and looking at every image before making a decision.  I’m pretty sure I would be in the second camp – as much as I may love the first thing I see, I need a complete picture before making a decision.