Art Cloud is an art management system designed for galleries, but with functionality (and price points!) for artists and collectors.  And it is amazing.  I sat down with Alex West (the brains and super friendly and arts-minded person behind the operation) this week for a demo, and I was blown away. When I started my gallery almost five years ago, I looked into the available software out there and felt like it was too expensive and not significantly better than my suped-up spreadsheet (I love me a spreadsheet).  But this is not only affordable (for galleries: $500 activation + $99/month, for artists: no activation fee and $19/month - seriously), it is basically a brain, alarm clock, manager, schmoozer, and organizer all in one.  This system is incredibly robust.  And easy.  And affordable.  And no, I'm not getting any kickback, I'm just a huge fan.

OK, here's how it can work for you gallery/artist/collector -

First, you can keep track of all of your inventory, with every bit of information about each piece you could imagine.  And if you (artist) and you (gallery) both have Art Cloud, the information can automatically sync up.  It's a cloud thing.  Brilliant.  Galleries can also have the inventory sync to their websites, so you don't have to update both places.  Also awesome for galleries - you can automatically generate pricing sheets and wall tags for shows (the wall tags export into a label doc that's already set up for the Avery pre-sets), create invoices, track partial payments (once the invoice is paid, the piece automatically takes it out of inventory). . . swooning.

But the best part (in my obsessed with creating demand for art opinion) for artists and galleries alike is the client management component.  A few posts ago I talked about the importance of regularly communicating with your collectors and advocates.  This software makes it so easy.  You can build profiles for each person you enter, add notes ("reviewed at FotoFest and liked my barn project", "met at this cocktail party and said was interested in coming by the gallery", "Super Artist Friend suggested I show this person my work"), set reminders to reach out, and keep track of the type of work they like.  So if you have a person tagged with "abstract", and you add a new abstract piece into inventory, it will remind you to communicate with this abstract lover. . . and you can email the abstract lover the image and info about the piece directly from Art Cloud.  It's genius.  It makes my spreadsheets look sad and wimpy.  And I'm ok with that.

Check out Art Cloud here:  You won't be sorry.

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