*reposted from the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery blog (because awesome, innovative, collaborative projects need to be showcased!) In case you haven’t heard of this awesome female photographer team yet, allow us to introduce you… Six Shooters consists of six photographers who inspire each other and create a visual dialogue with their images. The fab six includes Nancy Baron, Noelle Gilbert, Cat Gwynn, Aline Smithson, Ashly Stohl, and Heidi Lender.

Their goal? “To express Six points of view, over Six days, creating a thread of visual connections whether it be through subject, color, light, or gesture, leading the viewer on a photographic journey — a visual train, so to speak, with each image dependent on the one in front or behind to make the engine operate and stay on track.”

If you happen to find yourself in Los Angeles tonight, there is an opening reception for a gallery show of the Six Shooters work at The Seaver Art Gallery at the Marlborough School from 7 to 9 PM. The exhibition runs through October 9th.

Since launching our Crusade for Collecting last year, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for new, innovative ways to interact with photographers and collectors alike. We’re excited about the project these stupendous six have started… Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be much more coming out from them.