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Photographers! Get on board the Crusade Tour!

At each Crusade Tour stop (see cities and schedule here), we will be giving away photography (yes, you read that right - not selling, giving) from both national photographers and local photographers. The pop-ups are guerilla-style - rolling up to a high-traffic pedestrian area, engaging with people on the street, and getting the world excited about art.

I am seeking five photographers in each city to participate in the pop-up.  If you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Washington DC or Richmond and want to be part of this awesome art experience, check out the call for entries here.

FREE TO SUBMIT!  Deadline is March 1.

So come one, come all - let's get out there and build collectors!

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Local Photographer Showcase - Open Call for Work, No Fee!

And so we begin. . . The first Crusade pop-up will be on Friday, November 23 hosted by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. And then we'll be in New Orleans on Saturday, December 1 as part of PhotoNOLA. Woot!

The pop-up show will have two components – the exhibition of 12x18 photographs from the online project The Ten (original, signed photographs in an edition of 25 for $250 – and a series of 6x9 photographs from photographers based in the host city.

The Ten exhibition shows the work of emerging photographers with growing reputations and strong bodies of work. It gives an example of the affordability of an original work of art at a significant size and value. At least one featured photographer from The Ten will be at each pop-up event to talk directly to people about the photographs they make. Experiencing the passion of artists first-hand and engaging in conversation about the imagery gives an additional depth of connection to the art. A looping video of each Ten photographer’s explanation of their Ten collection will also aid in the understanding and appreciation of the photographs.

Images from The Ten exhibition will not be for sale. Instead, people will be encouraged to choose a favorite photograph and write a comment about it, create a haiku or perform a live rap – anything light and fun and unusual. The most heart-felt submissions will win their photograph and walk away collectors. Bam!

The local photographer showcase will be a curated selection of 6x9 images from artists within the host city community. These images will be available for any passerby to view and select to keep. The local photographers will also be present to have conversations about their photography and make connections to people who have just become collectors of their work.

Are you an Atlanta or New Orleans based photographer interested in being a part of the Crusade? Well then, send me an image. Click here for all of the submission details, but hurry on - deadline for submissions is October 20!