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First Crusade Stop Sets the Bar High

Get it? High? High Museum? Sorry. Couldn't help myself. . . A year of planning, more than a few tears, and a tidal wave of supportive and encouraging emails, messages and hugs and here we are, pop-up number one a huge success and pop-up number two just a few days away. I am on cloud nine. Maybe even cloud ten.

The first official Crusade for Collecting pop-up event was hosted by Atlanta’s High Museum of Art the day after Thanksgiving, one of their busiest days of the year. Early that morning I loaded the Lady, removed the side mirrors (the final pass-through to drive onto the piazza is very narrow), and held my breath as I steered her onto the High’s Sifly Piazza, then had a gear-grinding victory lap.  

Later that morning we came back to set up, and before we could get the first thing out of the bus, people were stopping to see what the Crusade was all about.  The ten Atlanta photographers featured in the local photographer showcase came just before the event start to sign their prints and get the run-down.  It was such a talented group, and the images were amazing.

Atlanta LPS.jpg

Anyone who stopped could take a look at the images, meet the photographers, and choose their favorite to keep. We gave away nearly 100 images on Friday, and people were shocked and thrilled to be able to choose a piece of art to own. The photographers really engaged with people, and on several occasions conversations lasted so long, they moved away from the table and talked and talked. For me, that was everything. The exposure, the connection, the conversation.

We also had work from The Ten displayed, and there was one extra special encounter that I will save for its own blog post (the anticipation!).  There was a video loop of the Ten photographers talking about their work, that you can watch here (extra special thanks to Sean Dana for making a lot of disparate parts come together in the coolest way), which gave some context for the images displayed.  And then my kids took it upon themselves (their dad may have indicated there could be a commission involved) to hawk the Crusade merchandise to anyone on the grounds.  Lila even learned a lesson in upselling.

It was an amazing day and the perfect way to launch this tour.

Crusade away!!

Our Atlanta sponsors came through in a big way – Binders with custom mats for the Ten work and some cash money to make things happen, PPRPix with the printing of the local photographer showcase images, andDigital Picture with all of the signage.  Thank you again for the support – it means so much.

Local Photographer Showcasers and their websites – please do check out their other work:

Kendra Adams

Bill Boling

Stephanie Dowda

Nikita Gale

Michael McCraw

Mary Anne Mitchell

Nathan Sharratt

Jerry Siegel  

Anderson Smith

Karley Sullivan

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Announcing the Second Crusade Stop!

New Orleans! Lady Blue will be pulling up in front of Dirty Coast's new store at 329 Julia Street during the Julia Street Art Walk on Saturday, December 1 from 6-9PM.

Dirty Coast specializes in spirited New Orleans t-shirts and original designs. We are thrilled they will be hosting us!

The event will be in conjunction with PhotoNOLA, a city-wide annual festival of photography.

A huge thank you to Dirty Coast for hosting us and to PPRPix for printing the photographs we will be giving away as part of the Local Photographer Showcase.



Lady Blue Makes Her First Appearance!

The Crusade for Collecting is going on tour, pulling up Lady Blue (the 1977 VW Bus purchased through funds raised on Kickstarter), displaying photography from both local and national artists, and creating a spectacular scene. Photographs will not be for sale. Instead, people will be encouraged to choose a favorite photograph and engage in games and talks with the artists. Most people will be able to keep their favorite photograph and walk away collectors. Bam! Local photographers will have the opportunity to connect with future collectors in their own communities, and people will take a moment to think about the value and accessibility of art.

And the first stop? Atlanta, of course!

The first Crusade pop-up will be hosted by the High Museum of Art on November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving) from 1-4pm. Come see Lady Blue and some amazing photography. Get ready for hi-jinks and fun, meet photographers and walk away a collector (we are giving away over 100 signed, original photographs)!

A huge thank you to the High Museum for hosting us and to our local sponsors: Binders Art, Digital Picture and PPRPix.

The Crusade for Collecting Tour makes its first stop at Atlanta's High Museum of Art!