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Art Partner: Zatista

I am really excited to have connected with an incredible online art selling site, Zatista.  Zatista's goal is to give people an exciting, fun, accessible way to buy original art.  Sound familiar?  Zatista’s commitment to reaching new audiences and giving them an opportunity to connect with and collect original art. . . well, it was like finding a creative soulmate.  And as a Crusade supporter, you can get a little Zatista love too!  Enter the coupon code “Crusade” for 10% your purchase.  Art on! About Zatista

There is nothing quite like the feeling of owning something truly unique. Knowing that only one exists in the entire world. Hand-crafted, with a story behind it all its own. In today’s world of copies and reproductions an original is increasingly hard to find.

In the world of art, Zatista understands its rarity and is championing/taking a stand for the original. For those lucky enough to discover Zatista, an incredible world of beautiful/original art awaits you. It is quickly emerging as the best place to buy original art online and causing many savvy buyers to ask:why buy prints when you can own an original?

Zatista is the leading destination to buy original art online, giving you unrivalled access to exclusive collections from all over the world.  With over 4000 highly curated works from the most talented emerging and established artists, Zatista provides access to the types of works previously only available to seasoned collectors. Buying online with Zatista is easy with their complimentary art consultation, certificates of authenticity and a buyer guarantee that allows you to try art in your home with free returns (as well as free shipping within the US for all purchases). Their platform makes it fun to discover art you love, with an experience so unique it’s like you are right there in front of it.