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It’s Thanksgiving day, and I’m sitting on the couch with my 2-year old (who just recognized a photograph I pulled up online as one we have hanging in the front room – a budding photo collector already!), eating grapes, listening to my “happy song” (sent to me from a dear friend this year when I really needed it), and feeling thankful. This has been a crazy year for me, full of big dreams and the hard work it takes to see them realized. There have been tears but also powerful hugs to dry them and support and strength from all kinds of unexpected and cherished people. Crazy year, but full of growth, learning, beauty, love and the sweetness of hard-won successes.

I am thankful for all of the people in my life, but first my parents and my Nanny, because they are the only ones I know for sure will read this, and they will faithfully forward it out to everyone they’ve ever known. They are always proud of me, and that is the solid base we all need.

I am thankful for my husband, who is patient beyond all reason and supportive times a million. Yes, I have three kids, a gallery, a full-on Crusade involving a tour next year, a portrait business, and about five other ventures that involve time and travel. Everyone asks how I do it. I do it because of Michael. And also because I have the most amazing kids in the world. Jonah thinks I’m famous because I have my name on a wall, Lila has a killer creative spirit, and Sabine is enthralled with “Mommy’s bus”. It works. It’s beautiful.

I am thankful for Meghan, who does all the little things to make sure JSG and the photographers and The Ten and the Crusade stay running smoothly, all while growing a baby in that little tummy of hers. She is a wonder. It would be fair to thank her for my sanity. Especially that day of the mayonnaise debacle.

In a huge, huge way I am thankful for my friends – from those I speak to every day, to those I’ve never met but who reach out to wish me good luck. I have an amazing community both personally and professionally, locally and globally. I am so fortunate to always have people who will remind me who I am and why I do all of this. You are my inspiration and my strength. I am lucky to know you, work with you, and have my life touched by you.