Thank you, 100 totally awesome, enlightened, inspired backers. You know what's up. As for the rest of you. . . well, there's still time. 35 days to be exact.

As a special "35 days left, 100 backers strong" tribute, we are offering a new backer reward. Lori Vrba, photographer extraordinaire and co-pilot on the first leg of the tour, has donated five 8x8 signed silver gelatin prints of her image "Rebecca's Palm" to the cause. If you are one of the first five people to pledge $200, you will receive this stunning photograph. Get on it people.

And just so you know, if you have already pledged, you are not out in the cold on this one. Let's say you pledged $10 (thank you! send me a sticker!) and are thinking, "If only I hadn't already pledged! I'd love that Lori Vrba photograph!", you are in luck! You can increase your pledge amount at any time. (Phew! Big sigh of relief.)

Seriously - this has been an incredible journey so far. The outpouring of encouragement and support has been truly heart-warming.

I feel so passionately about this. Connecting to art has been one of the most gratifiying experiences of my life. I don't have a formal art education, and to be honest, the term "collector" feels a little strange to me too. But I buy art. Right now I am sitting in my living room, and I see beautiful things. Photographs and paintings that make me feel something. Some are by artists who have made a name for themselves, and some are by artists whose name I can't even remember, but they are all amazing to me.

I want this for everyone - everyone who pays attention to and cares about the things, large and small, that make up their world.

Be original. Buy original. Heart art.