Herb and Dorothy Vogel had minimal income, space, and art collecting knowledge when they began collecting art in the mid-1960's, but they amassed one of the most important art collections of the 20th century.  The story is beyond belief. . . and so incredibly inspiring.  This article on Mental Floss about the Vogels is exceptional and well worth the read. So many people feel that art collecting is not for them.  They think they don't have enough money, don't know enough about art, and have nowhere to put it.  Herb worked for the post office and Dorothy was a librarian.  They lived frugally and devoted Herb's entire salary to art. They lived almost 50 years in a 450 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment in Manhattan.  " The Vogels had no formal training in art collecting. They didn’t aspire to open a gallery or work in museums. They bought art the way any amateur collector shops: for the love of the individual pieces and the thrill of a good deal."

They just loved it.

Just love art.  No excuses please.