And is that a necessary component of the professional relationship? This article in the Financial Times about artists jumping galleries gave me a lot to think about.

From a gallerist's perspective, representing an artist means more than giving them a show and having an inventory of their work.  Adding an artist to your roster means you are investing in their career.  The gallerist believes in the artist's current work and is confident about the quality of their future output.  The gallerist is putting their name along side this artist, advocating for them and building collectors.

When an artist leaves in favor of another gallery, what does that mean?  Does it mean that artist did not feel the gallerist was doing enough to build their career?  Does it mean the artist took the work of the gallerist for granted in favor of a "grass is greener" attitude?  Did the artist and the gallerist have diverging ideas about goals and direction?

If you have been on either side of this situation, please share your thoughts -