Blue Mitchell is a close friend, fellow photographer supporter (he publishes Diffusion Magazine and curates Plates to Pixels), and pure romantic. I love looking at Blue's images, because it feels like looking at Blue. They are dreamy and beautiful and layered and all heart. His imagery seems straightforward, but be sure to linger. There is a lot to see.



Chasing the Afterglow explores the moon and the dreamy lore that plays out under its spiritual nightlight. The enchanted twilight hour, the magic under a blanket of stars, the visceral pull of the lunar phases – they ground us to nature but also allow us to transcend the everyday. This work aims to inspire the viewer to reconnect with the power of nature, with a pinch of the mystic. The use of silver leaf and mixed media alters the nature of the two-dimensional photograph and creates a more all-encompassing experience. This technique accentuates the luminance of the subjects and gives the work a tactile, sumptuous quality.

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