The Crusade Engagement Grant awards $10,000 annually
to the applicant with the most innovative idea to build
audiences for photography.


We are at the precipice of a crisis in our art. 

Prodigious effort is going into programs and initiatives that create supply – opportunities to educate artists and help them create and exhibit work – which is resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of fine art photographers and huge volumes of their art.  Little support focuses on creating a demand for this art.  Demand is not keeping up with supply, and if not corrected, will create a huge imbalance where there is an abundance of art but no audience for it.  Crusade for Art is dedicated to cultivating demand for art.

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Artists are on the front lines and are best positioned to be change-makers.

The Crusade Engagement Grant supports artists to create unique, approachable programs that bring new audiences to photography and allow them to engage with art in a meaningful way. Our goal is to empower artists to focus on creating demand for art, and thereby encourage systemic changes to create a new crop of art lovers, patrons and collectors.

A sizable financial award to artists who are creatively exploring this systemic problem of demand will put our greatest resource – the brainpower of our creative force, our artists – against this challenge and have the best chance of finding solutions.

This $10,000 grant aims to generate and highlight innovations and to underwrite the execution of the best idea.


Applications for the 2015 grant cycle are closed.

Finalists will be announced in May, and the winner will be announced in June.


Click here for the Grant Guidelines and FAQ