I first met Deb a couple of years ago when she showed me a different project, so I was thrilled when she submitted this new work to be considered for one of Crusade for Art's projects. Even between submitting and now, the project has evolved, which is exciting to see. Getting a window to an artist's process and growth is truly a gift. As you will read below, this work will continue to change and expand, and I invite you to look through the window with me.


Home Away by Deb Schwedhelm

Over the past few years, I have been exploring the thought of what it means to be a military family and what does the term “home” really mean when being displaced so frequently, asking myself questions such as: What does home even mean to me? To my family? Does my physical dwelling define our home? Through all the relocations, have I ever truly felt home? Does my family being together define home? If so, what does that mean when my husband is deployed for nine months? What does that mean now that my oldest is living apart from us in another country, halfway around the world? 

In my Home Away series, I visually narrate the feelings and emotions that a military family regularly experiences, while being interrupted, uprooted and displaced over and over again. Ultimately, it is a journey -- a journey of transition, acceptance and redefining a home away from home. With three years left until my husband's retirement, this series continues to be a work in progress.