I first met Dorothy years ago in Atlanta, and her photography is one of the first I collected. Dorothy is as beautiful, creative, and thoughtful as her photographs. The worlds she creates are full and glorious, and as someone lucky enough to have been able to see many of them close-up and in person, I can attest to the fact that every minute detail is considered. These Scenes are a wonder and some of richest images I have seen.



My ongoing series Scenes centers around transforming spaces, often a room, into fantastical landscapes which frequently utilize elements of nature and the natural world to tell a story.  Each concept, shaped predominantly by events in my life, creates a sort of conceptual autobiography, an interpretation of my own dreams.  Building these life-sized installations also allows me to literally live inside my own imagination, if only for a short time and satisfies the need to create a more aesthetically pleasing reality. Each project takes months to complete, allowing me to fully immerse myself in its meticulous details. I enjoy creating many of the components in each set by hand: crocheting the ocean, crafting hundreds of paper birds, hand-stenciling wallpaper, weaving roots from jute, etc. Learning a new skill each time I build a new scene helps to keep the process fresh.

This work began as a photography project. The scenes are captured on film and a photograph remains the lasting imprint. Opening them as tableau vivants, however, installations which feature a live model, allows an audience to experience them as I do but to add their own interpretations and ideas, thus making the story a shared experience.


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