Jarvi is one of the most thoughtful, articulate and sincere people I have ever met. He carries every one of those qualities through to his art. His approach to the landscape is unique and organic. He is an explorer of both the inner and outer worlds.


Interruptions and Embellishments by Jarvi Kononen

The way we traditionally photograph the landscape - beautifully, without flaws - creates a personal and cultural disconnect between the environment, our shaping of it, and our responsibility to it. Too often, we capture and walk away. My work challenges a conventional framing of the landscape by interrupting the photograph with ephemeral sculptures, with line, shape and color inspired by the particulars of place and combined with a kinetics of elemental forces.  

I explore the development of personal and cultural visual languages through a practice that continually challenges my preconceptions about the elements at play in front of the lens. Whether confronting the new and unfamiliar in a place that I am passing through or revisiting a favorite thicket or beach, I am compelled by the tension between elucidation and obfuscation. Forms from the landscape guide my hand in shaping materials. Sometimes a simple suggestion of wing or wave forms is stretched across the photographic frame or placed in the landscape, where the forms themselves are shaped and riven by the wind and waves.