Last November I wandered the booths at Paris Photo, completely overwhelmed by the crowds and the volume of incredible photographs. And out of all of that chaos and imagery, I kept drifting back to a section in the back corner where work from the winners of the SFR Jeunes Talents competition was displayed, and specifically to Julien Mauve’s After Lights Out project. The prints are stunning. Absolutely beautiful. And Julien was gracious and charming and seemingly blown away by all of the red dots next to his pieces. Enjoy.



After Lights Out shows a parallel universe where lights would have been blown away. Each photograph shows isolated light source, taking enigmatic forms (even esoteric at some point), reminiscent the summer night walks of Robert Adams. These images focus on the specific relationship we have with light and the dependency it creates – anxiety and the danger of shadows mixed with safety and well-being.

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