Nashalina submitted her work to Crusade for Art, and I was immediately drawn in by the moody images that seem suspended in time. I read her statement (make sure to read the extended version on her website), and it spoke of haunting memories and lingering questions, which matched the photographs (as it should, but too often does not). Sold.


Whispers in East Berlin BY Nashalina Schrape

This is the story of a house built in 1938 in East Berlin, Germany. Four generations of my family have experienced the events of World War II, the Russian invasion, and occupation fortified by the Berlin Wall in this house. These photographs attempt to break open the legacy of my family's personal trauma and the dark repressed memories of violence, loss, terror, separation and suppression.  

There were always ghosts in the house. Breathing, moving slowly. Changing the shadows. Whispers of movement of articles of clothing. They were memories, not actual spirits. They were things that happened in the house in the past and they stayed. They didn't leave. And they were thick. They were not loud. They were the things we did not talk about.

Read the extended statement here.