These photographs feel like postcards from an enchanted summer. The people do not seem to hold the land, and the land does not hold them. Instead, they appear to play off of each other, like partners in a fleeting romance. Of course, I put romance into everything. But that's the beauty of art. The viewer can enter wherever they like and make it their own.


Leves d'ouest (Western Surveys) by Pascal Amoyel

Survey : 
Topographic surveys are meant to locate
the main physical features on the ground,
such as lakes, rivers, roads, forest or large rocks. 
They provide data for map making.

Shot in France (2013-14) with a field camera 4x5 inches, Western Surveys seeks to capture the impermanent essence of the relationship between people and their land. Gathering documentary style photographs and fragments of a personal path, this series depicts the unstable way people inhabit places and how people and places inhabit images.

Initiated in the Western part of France called Brittany, where dispersed pattern of settlements, despite an old and obvious human history, gives human presence a singular and ephemeral aspect, this work focuses on places that combine signs of human habitation and vividness of nature. Traveling back east from this end of Old-Europe, Western Surveys designs the map of a territory where men try to live in an ever changing space.