Creative Loafing

Who Cares About Galleries? by Debbie Michaud, January 30, 2013

In 2011, Schwartz moved out of Buckhead and into a big, beautiful space across from Emily Amy Gallery on the Westside. There she supplemented exhibits with the usual artist talks, but she also began experimenting with other programming to drive traffic to the gallery such as Walk Away With Art, a cocktail party where, for $100, attendees got to meet artists and leave with signed, original pieces of artwork. Her ArtFeast dinners were collaborations with local hotshot chefs such as Watershed's Joe Truex that cost $65 a head and put potential collectors at the table with her exhibiting artists. Guests also left this event with a piece of art. Then there's The Ten, exclusive online monthly photography exhibits of 10 works priced at $250 each. And her Crusade for Collecting Tour, in which she drives a 1977 VW bus around the country to hold pop-up shows and give away art for free. She's about to launch Art Circle, basically a book club for the visual arts. Schwartz says she's trying to help people learn how to self-educate and connect with art, and, in the end, fundamentally change people's mindsets about buying art.  Read more here.