I came home to two shout-outs! First, Atlanta Magazine's August "Big Ideas" issue,

And then this MSN Postbox post:

Movin' On Up

There aren’t too many gallery owners in this city more prolific than Jennifer Schwartz. Her openings and events (we love the monthly chef series known as Art Feast) draw a crowd eclectically combining artists, CNN producers, writers, doctors and stay-at-home-moms in one spot. The diverse bunch she hosts will be thrilled to know, the gallery heads to its new home today (Aug. 1).

Moving from her Westside digs to a more intimate space in Virginia Highland, the new Jennifer Schwartz Gallery gets an address change alongside a transformation of its core mission of bringing art to the masses. The shift in locale makes way for the galley support fine art photography collectors and photographers beyond Atlanta.

Last year the gallery hit the wide open road to launch the Crusade for Collecting and it now moves forward with that same wanderlust in mind. Instead of the usual humdrum opening, the gallery will now focus its attention on one-night-only experiences peppered throughout country. Come fall, expect to see one exhibit in Atlanta (during October’s Atlanta Celebrates Photography) and one in New York City.

Buckle up -- we cannot wait to see what transpires from this new model of gathering art beyond the confines of this city.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, 675 Drewry St., Suite 6, 404-885-1080 for more information about everything going on at the gallery head to jenniferschwartzgallery.com by clicking on a past Art Feast event in the former space.