The super short-ish version of my professional story is that I used to own a fine art photography gallery in Atlanta where I showed the work of emerging photographers - photographers who were just starting to make a name for themselves but didn’t already have a large audience or sales record. I became really interested in building an audience for these photographers and for photography in general and did a lot of cool and crazy things (including this) to get people to engage with art. I closed the gallery after five years to start and run the non-profit, Crusade for Art, whose mission is to engage new audiences with art (more on that here).

My personal story is that I have no formal education in art and photography. A lot of people feel intimidated by art and think they don’t know enough to enjoy it or buy it. What I do know about photography, I have learned from looking, reading, listening and exploring. Several years ago, I decided to do a bit of a deeper dive into my personal photographic education and started setting aside time each week to read (and take notes on) photo history textbooks, artist monographs, books and articles about art and individual photographers, wikipedia entries… I affectionately call this Scholarship Tuesday. It doesn’t always happen on Tuesday, but Tuesday is the day (well, a couple of hours in the morning) I set aside for this self-educating.

Because I want people to engage with art and not be intimidated by it, and because I know (from personal experience as well as professional experience) that education is a way to get past that perceptual barrier to art, I am starting this tumblr to share my scholarship. Since the Tuesdays can sometimes get away from me, I’m hoping this forum will give me some accountability and keep me on track. And maybe we’ll both learn something.