Steven and I began corresponding (first over email, then over the phone) about Crusade for Art and how to activate a Crusade for Art Boston local chapter (still in the works). As it turns out, Steven is also a talented photographer, and I found the images below so oddly lovely. They are just on the edge of beautiful, which is what I love about them.


Evanescence by Steven Duede 

This series, Evanescence, has been and is being shot almost exclusively in my own compost bin. This means that I have a subject that is constantly in flux. Always changing, decaying, growing.

Evanescence is the act of something slowing transforming into a gas or a vapor. This series is about decay and rebirth, transition and transformation. When working, I begin shooting and return again and again over time, eventually leading to a variety of images to examine. I am always reminded that these photographs are indeed transitory. I can never shoot the same photo in that narrow space again. The subjects are gone, turned to composted soil and vapor, truly evanescent and forever transformed.