The Verso Print Sale fundraiser was successfully completed on September 10, 2015. Thank you for your support!

Verso is a nod to the practice of signing a photograph on the reverse, or verso, of the print - a fitting name for a reverse print sale!

Below you will find a wonderful selection of original, signed photographs for sale. Only one of each image is available, so snatch up your favorites before someone beats you to it!  

But if a photograph doesn't sell, you will notice the price gradually decreasing over the course of this 10-day sale.

Play it safe or wait it out? That's your call. 


An important note: No photographers were harmed in the making of this print sale.

Crusade for Art believes in opportunities that benefit both collectors and photographers. We’re trying to create a healthy arts ecology, and we think there is a way to raise money for our programs and pay artists. Participating photographers receive 50% of the sale price of their photograph. 

Each photographer chose which print they wanted to offer for sale. They also determined the starting price, as well as the lowest price they were willing to sell the photograph for, knowing they would receive 50% of the sale price. For some photographers, the difference between their starting and lowest price was quite significant, and you will see that in the stepped price drops. For other photographers, that difference was more modest.

But the bottom line is this - there is only one of each photograph available, so buy the ones you love before someone else does! Also, know that in addition to becoming the owner of some truly beautiful, original art, you are helping both the artist and Crusade for Art thrive. 

Take a look around and buy something beautiful. You'll be supporting a worthy non-profit and talented, hard-working artists. And your walls will thank you. It's a triple win.


The sale runs from September 1 to September 10 at midnight EST.
Check back daily as prices drop and photographs sell out!