Alyssa submitted to Crusade for Art, and I was really taken by her imagery. The photographs are familiar but haunting, cinematic but also a bit raw. I was even more impressed to learn that she is an undergraduate photography major, graduating in May. This project does not feel like student work, and there are any number of images I would proudly hang on my wall.


Below the light/Above the dark by Alyssa McDonald 

These images beg to be questioned, but can provide no answer.  Do we really want to know? The obscured line between curiosity and fear thrives in a suburban bubble of familiarity and comfort, where deep roots of familial history linger and unanswered personal truths pierce the air where the familiar becomes unfamiliar. Departing from their habitual roles, the subjects, my loved ones, operate as a convent for introspection for myself as well as the viewer.  Testaments to the fragility of life and the human condition, rendered luminously with tender intent, these photographs and their subjects recognize the latent darkness and uncertainty present not only around us, but in the depths of our psyche.